Cyber Force

Cyber Attack Simulations Network


Smart City Simulation is our newest addition to our growing list of simulations on CASN ( Cyber Attack Simulations Network ) . Smart power grids, telecom, autonomous metro rail services are part of our new additions to smarty city simulations. Sign up to practice on a whole new level of challenges and learn new technologies of how attackers are targeting the infrastructures.

Security Operations Center

Threat intelligence researchers from our managed soc services uncover the latest trends


The activities of attackers are ever-evolving, so our threat researchers in our information security operations centers are constantly creating security detection methods to stay ahead. The BlackWit team has an army of cyber threat researchers on your side, creating the cutting-edge security data necessary to protect your organization against the latest threats.

  • Data scientists in our advanced SOC operations department develop and train algorithms to detect advanced, multi-stage threats.
  • Security researchers replicate attacks to test how to better prevent, detect and remediate.
  • Security content developers test, implement and continuously improve detection and blocking logic such as signatures and rules.
  • Threat intelligence analysts look for changes in attack landscape and to understand the latest trends in how adversaries are operating.

ICS/SCADA Security

A Comprehensive Cybersecurity Solution for Industrial (ICS/SCADA) OT Networks

BlackWit develops trusted Industrial Cyber-Security Solutions for critical ICS/SCADA business operations that empower users to maintain visibility and control of their OT networks.



    Network asset mapping and vulnerability analysis



    Industrial deep-packet-inspection policy enforcement



    Detection of malware, policy violations & behavioral anomalies



    Continuous monitoring service by OT-MSSP experts

Endpoint Detection and Response

The only EDR platform fully functional in air-gapped environments

BlackWit's Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) detects advanced, unknown and evasive threats without relying on external sources or connectivity. As a result, it is the only EDR that can be deployed in isolated (air-gapped) environments with no impact on detection.

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    Detect Unknown, Targeted Threats In Real-Time

    Machine-learning algorithms surface, within seconds, targeted threats that AV and NGAV solutions fail to detect.

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    Hunt Proactively

    With terabytes of data at your fingertips, and with advanced search and forensics tools, BlackWit EDR unleashes unprecedented proactive hunting capabilities.

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    Air-Gap Compatible

    Sensitive organizations, like financial institutions or governments, must keep their infrastructure isolated and protected from the open internet. Unlike most EDR solutions, which rely on external connectivity to perform detection, BlackWit EDR was designed to deliver full-power detection in air-gapped environments.

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    Automate the Threat Hunt

    BlackWit EDR prioritizes threats, filters out false positives, and produces the results of an automated threat hunt, so your team to focus on responding to the most relevant threats efficiently, with minimal distraction.